Lifework Leadership was established to provide a diverse cross section of Orlando business and nonprofit leaders with training grounded in the scriptures – helping participants gain a deeper understanding of how to view all of life through a biblical lens and by exploring the life and leadership of Jesus Christ.

Challenged in 1991 by the late US Senator from Colorado, Bill Armstrong; Ralph Veerman (Veerman & Associates) partnered with Larry Kreider (Past President of The Gathering/USA, Inc.) to found The Greater Orlando Leadership Foundation (GOLF). It was their desire to help a new generation of leadership in the greater Orlando area that would live out a vision for transformed leaders to impact their homes, businesses, churches, and the city.

What had been happening in Central Florida caught the attention of leaders in other cities around our nation and they asked for help to replicate the training for their cities. In the fall of 2006, Lifework Leadership was launched in several affiliate cities. The new name was transferable and communicates the deeper meaning of the ideals behind the organization, as Lifework leaders are motivated by a lifelong calling to serve the common good.

In 2018 Lifework again caught the attention of leaders in other cities, this time on a global scale. Lifework Leadership Global entered into a formal relationship with a South African organization called City Changers. With on-going ministry in cities around the world, City Changers is well-positioned to implement Lifework’s faith and work initiatives into existing programs internationally.

The Lifework Orlando Board of Directors, also in 2018, determined that the time was right to take growth steps locally and hired their first full-time Executive Director to lead into the next season for Lifework. Alan Schutz, a 1996 GOLF graduate, leads existing programs and is developing new opportunities with alumni for Lifework Leadership to help leaders and our city flourish as God has intended.