Become a better leader through faith and service



Program Overview

Lifework is an eight-month program that brings together individuals in search of a way to connect God’s work with their own career journeys. Our community of leaders crosses vocational, denominational, racial, and cultural lines, with a common goal of bringing renewed purpose to our careers and a deeper relationship with our faith.

Each course is Biblically-based and centered on a core value, combining scriptural teachings, case studies, and practical tools that can be readily applied to your professional role. 

Tuition: $3,600


Program Schedule

Program Schedule

Opening Retreat: Knowing God, Calling, & Worldview / Oct 17, 2019

Paul Sohn - Award-winning blogger, speaker, and author

Pastor David Outing – President & Chief Encouragement Officer, Corporate Care Partners, LLC

Larry Kreider - Co-Founder of Lifework Leadership, former President of The Gathering of Men.

Phil Burton - V.P. of Training and Development, Ron Burton Training Village

relationships / Nov 6, 2019

Gordon MacDonald - Chancellor of Denver Seminary, Author & Speaker

Generosity / Dec 4, 2019

April Tam Smith - Managing Director Equity Derivatives, Morgan Stanley

Compassion / Jan 8, 2020

Bob Lupton - Founder, FCS Ministries, Author & Speaker

Integrity / Feb 5, 2020

Dr. Sandy Shugart - President, Valencia College

Humility / March 4, 2020

Anthony Thompson – Pastor, Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church of Charleston, S.C.

Courage / April 1, 2020

Wayne Gordon - Founding Pastor of Lawndale Community Church and Chairman of the Christian Community Development Association (C.C.D.A) 

Legacy / May 6, 2020

*Phoebe Cade Miles – Board President and CEO of The Cade Museum of Creativity & Innovation



Program Benefits


Participants Gain

  • A clear perspective of who they are and how they fit into their world.

  • A desire to positively shape their corporate culture.

  • Opportunities to meaningfully serve in not-for-profit organizations.

  • Exposure to the needs of the broader community.

  • Significant and strategic relationships that enrich their personal and professional lives.

 Companies Gain

  • Employees who get exposure to prominent business leaders.

  • Employees who have defined ethics and values.

  • Employees who have a new network of relationships.

  • Employees who have a greater community presence and influence.

  • Employees with clear purpose (reduced turnover).

  • A deeper bench and pipeline for leaders.

Communities Gain

  • Leaders who volunteer in significant ways.

  • Leaders who make a lasting difference in their community.

  • Leaders who are networked together for the community's welfare.

  • Leaders who stay living and invested in the community.


Lifework Leadership's vision is to identify and train emerging leaders who, as men and women of faith, will serve our community with wisdom and compassion.

/  Sandy Shugart President, Valencia College  /